Summer window cleaner mixture stand-up pouch

Summer window cleaner with exciting fragrances in flexible packaging.

The advantages of flexible packaging are the approx. 70% reduction in weight and the approx. 90% volume saving when the container is empty. Furthermore, the bag can be printed all over, ideal for tight storage, no sharp edges, easy to transport, easy to open, resealable, 100% free of bisphenol A.

This innovative packaging makes a significant contribution to avoiding waste, as well as to the increasingly required sustainability of products.


Item name Item No. EAN/GTIN Contents Packaging unit
Summer window cleaner mixture stand-up pouch 8840000000 4001068701942 3 litres 40 boxes of 4 bags

Other container sizes available on request.


Here you will find safety data sheets, technical data sheets and the ingredients for the product as PDF documents.