Windscreen antifreeze -20 °C

All-season window cleaner for summer and winter.

Introducing our windshield antifreeze, your ultimate winter driving companion! With a powerful formula that protects your windshield from temperatures down to -20°C, you can count on clear vision even in the harshest icy conditions.

  • Extreme Cold Protection: 
    Our antifreeze is designed to withstand cold temperatures, preventing ice and frost from forming on your windshield and ensuring your safety during cold spells.
  • Quick and Easy Application:
    Our user-friendly design makes application a breeze. Simply pour it in and our antifreeze will work its magic, eliminating the need for time-consuming scraping and thawing.
  • Crystal Clear Clarity:
    Say goodbye to blurry and obstructed vision! Our special formula not only protects your windshield but also improves clarity for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Prevent the worst of winter with our windshield antifreeze. Trust proven performance to keep your windshield frost-free so you can focus on the ride, not the weather. Drive with confidence even when the temperature drops!


Item name Item No. EAN/GTIN Contents Packaging unit
Windscreen antifreeze -20 °C 3209000000 4001068870143 2 litres 40 boxes of 6 bags
Windscreen antifreeze -20 °C 3213000000 4001068870136 3 litres 40 boxes of 4 bags
Windscreen antifreeze -20 °C 3205000000 4001068802052 5 litres 48 boxes of 3 canisters

Other container sizes available on request.


Here you will find safety data sheets, technical data sheets and the ingredients for the product as PDF documents.